UMH budget for 2017 exceeds 100 million euros

The Plenary of the Board of Trustees of the Miguel Hernández University of Elche (UMH) has approved in its ordinary session the academic institution’s 2017 budget, a figure that increases to 101,044,627 euros. This amount represents an overall increase of 3.7% with respect to the preceding year.


This budget increase is a result of the agreement the UMH reached with the Generalitat Valenciana in December 2014 for recovery of historical debt, which in 2017 will account for revenue of 12,015,844 euros (15% more than in 2016).

The 2017 budget incorporates a set of actions in various areas. Its breakdown is as follows:

1. The Vice Rectorate for Student Affairs and Athletics is allocated more than two million euros, and among its main lines includes programs providing grants for student enrollment as well as student collaboration in university activities, the Dining Program for Students, and other actions that support labor market insertion.

2. The Vice Rectorate for Research and Innovation has budget allocations of more than six million euros, a quantity that represents an increase of 8.67% with respect to the previous year. It contains various lines of research development and support, such as introduction to research, support for technological transfer, scientific dissemination, and training of research personnel, in addition to the Plan to Promote Innovation and Research.

3. The Vice Rectorate for International Relations will receive more than one million euros for a number of actions that focus on promoting internationalization and exchange programs for students, faculty, and staff. This includes a contribution for international cooperation of some 50,000 euros destined for schools in Nemba (Rwanda), and close to 210,000 euros for the IRIS Project of English language training.

4. The budget allocation for the Vice Rectorate for Culture and University Extension grows by more than 50%, to foster the development of training and promotion activities on matters of equality, and calls for grants and awards that boost cultural activities. To promote Valencian language training, 230,000 euros have been allocated, of which 100,000 are specifically destined to the new LLUMH Project of Valencian training.

5. The budget also includes, among others, allocations of more than 770,000 euros to advance entrepreneurship, business consolidation, and management of the Scientific Park, promoted by the Vice Rectorate for Economics and Business.

The 2017 Miguel Hernández University budget commits 10,491,855 euros to investment, a figure that represents 10.3% of the total. This is the area that grows most with respect to the previous year, as it rises by 50%. The main beneficiaries here are related to the infrastructure and equipment necessary for improving and expanding campus facilities. Standing out, among other actions, are urbanization and landscaping, a new departmental and service building, sporting facilities, rehabilitation of infrastructure, classroom renovation, as well as 1,200,000 euros for new technological equipment.

Moreover, this budget maintains funding for the Program of Excellence and Competitiveness, as well as other actions receiving external funding.

In short, UMH budgetary policies put a premium on the efficient use of resources, maintain quality standards in teaching, research, and services, and continue investing in university infrastructure. This is a budget that regains growth in its figures, fulfills commitments the Miguel Hernández University has with society and the challenges of higher education and research excellence.