Research Report 2017

External financial resources acquired by the Miguel Hernández University of Elche in 2017 to conduct research grew to 8,386,794 euros. This figure is included in the 2017 UMH Research Report, which was prepared by the Vice Rectorate for Research and Innovation, the Service of Innovation and Technical Support for Education and Research (SIATDI), and the Service of Research Management – TTO (SGI-OTRI). Said report is available for consultation at

Of the 8,386,794 euros attained by UMH investigators throughout 2017, 4,405,109.82 corresponded to competitive R&D, 2,323,540.93 were from contracted R&D with entities from both the public and private sectors, and 490,000 derived from structural funding; the remaining 1,168,143.12 euros came from research grants.

In 2017, 16 patents and other exclusive rights were applied for, 299 doctoral theses were defended, more than 1,149 scientific papers were published in specialized journals, and 86 books were printed. As for the total number of publications by UMH investigators, this figure grew to 1,699. The amount of research and grant resources acquired during 2017 remained similar to the amounts acquired during each of the 3 previous years, while the amount for structural funding increased with respect to 2016. Scientific productivity levels also remained practically equal to the previous year, although the significant increases in doctoral theses, patents, and exclusive rights is notable with respect to 2016.