Among the best Spanish universities according to the seventh edition of the U-Ranking by the BBVA Foundation and the IVIE

The Miguel Hernández University of Elche (UMH) sits in fifth position in the ranking of the best Spanish universities. Likewise, in the Innovation and Technological Development classification, the UMH is third, while in terms of Teaching, it occupies fourth place.  These are the conclusions of the seventh edition of the 2019 U-Ranking project, a joint initiative by the BBVA Foundation and the Valencian Institute of Economic Research (IVIE).

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Furthermore, most of the undergraduate programs offered at the UMH are found within the top 5 positions in the classifications of Teaching, Research, and Innovation & Technological Development. Among Valencian Community universities, the UMH is in second position, along with the University of Valencia, both with an index of 1.2, and only surpassed by the Universitat Politècnica de València.

Moreover, this ranking places most of the UMH undergraduate programs within the five top positions according to the report’s predetermined formulas. In this sense, the UMH sits in first place for its bachelor programs of Occupational Therapy, Pharmacy, and Podiatry; it is second for Business Statistics, Medicine, Psychology, and Public Safety & Private Security. UMH programs of Fine Arts, Law, Physiotherapy, and Labor Relations & Human Resources are fourth; in Biotechnology, Food Science & Technology, Environmental Science, and Computer Engineering in Information Technologies, the UMH is fourth. Rounding out these prestigious levels are the UMH bachelor programs of Physical Activity & Sports Sciences, Audiovisual Communication, Agro-Food & Agro-Environmental Engineering, Telecommunications Technology Engineering, and Mechanical Engineering, which all occupy the fifth position.

With respect to the 2019 U-Ranking indicators, the UMH is above average among Spanish universities in the areas of Research and for Innovation & Technological Development. Specifically, the UMH stands out in license income/PhD faculty, continuing education income/PhD faculty, patents/PhD faculty, and triadic patents/PhD faculty.

The UMH is also above average with respect to other Spanish universities for the dimension of Teaching and its indicators of budget/student, PhD faculty/non-PhD faculty, percentage of graduate students, and the university entrance exam cut-off. As for the dimension of Research, the UMH is above average in public competitive resources/PhD faculty, scientific documents/PhD faculty, doctoral theses defended/PhD faculty, average impact factor, percentage of publications in the first quartile, and cites per document.

The general results of the U-Ranking of Spanish Universities are presented under two distinct formats: the first is the U-Ranking, which classifies universities according to their performance after correcting for the effects of each’s size to make them comparable; U-Ranking Volume is the second, and this arranges universities according to the total volume of results. In particular, the main missions of universities, those of teaching, research, and innovation & technological development, are taken into consideration. To compile this seventh edition of the U-Ranking, 14 private and 48 public universities were analyzed along with 3,000 university undergraduate programs.

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Fuente: Fundación BBVA e IVIE

Fuente: Fundación BBVA e IVIE