New Programming for Clubs and Schools at UMH Life

25 aniversario, Noticia, Front UMH

16 March 2022

Bass, drum, and batucada lessons; cocktail masterclass, cheese & wine tastings, freestyle rap, board games, urban dance, fashion, photography. These are just some of the activities making up the new programming of the clubs and schools at UMH Life, an endeavor run primarily by the student body and supported by the Vice Rectorate for Student Affairs and Coordination at the Miguel Hernández University of Elche (UMH). To commemorate this university’s 25th birthday, activities this semester will once again be free of charge for students enrolled in official university programs. The registration period is now open and students may sign up at

The new programming for UMH Life begins in March and continues through May on the four university campuses of Altea, Elche, Orihuela, and Sant Joan d’Alacant. This project was created last October with the aim of rekindling life on university campuses and creating links among students from different programs who have common interests. UMH Life is made up of the School of the Music Industry (ESIM), School of Radio and Podcasts, and the Cooking School, as well as the clubs of Urban Dance, Photography, Board Games, Comics & Illustration, Fashion, and Astronomy.

The ESIM has in-person lessons for drums, bass, guitar, keyboard, and voice, as well as sessions for students to practice alongside classmates and form a band. Furthermore, as part of the programming for this school, the UMH has scheduled a freestyle rap session and batucada. The Cooking School is offering various workshops, including that of pizzas, Travel Cake pastries, rice, Easter sweets, sushi, and a workshop on Mexican fare. What’s more, the School is holding cheese & wine tastings, as well as a masterclass on making cocktails. As for the School of Radio and Podcasts, its offerings take place inside the radio studios on the campuses of Altea, Orihuela and, Sant Joan d’Alacant, and among its programs is “Making Yourself Alive over the Radio and Podcasts.”

UMH Life is also home to clubs whose themes vary widely, and these clubs share the philosophy of bringing together students with similar tastes to create fun meeting environments. Dani Gove, a cartoonist from the magazine, El Jueves, is participating in the Comics and Illustration Club. The Astronomy Club, in conjunction with the Didactic and Interactive Science Museum of the Vega Baja del Segura of the Valencian Community, is planning to make both nighttime and daytime observations. The Photography Club is holding the Smartphone Portrait workshop. For its part, Fashion Club members may attend the workshops of ‘Be Happy with Your Wardrobe’ and ‘Capsule Wardrobe.’ Urban Dance Club members can learn different styles, such as urban, hip hop, and commercial. The UMH has set aside a space in the Tabarca Building on the Elche Campus and converted it into a playroom for people to gather and play different games. The Elche Campus General Library has a corner for students to find books on the various topics that the clubs and schools of UMH Life address. Finally yet importantly, this programming is also offering a Bitcoin workshop.

In addition to the activities of these schools and clubs, the UMH is also planning other events, including broadcasting a national radio program, a paper airplane contest, and many more surprises.