Registration open for IRIS UMH and LLUMH free English and Valencian training programs

Noticia, Front UMH

7 September 2022

Coinciding with the start to the 2022/2023 school year, registration for the new editions of the IRIS UMH & LLUMH programs has also started. These programs are two initiatives by the Miguel Hernández University of Elche (UMH), managed by its Language Center, which aim to offer free English and Valencian language training, respectively, to the entire university community. The registration period is now open, and interested individuals may sign up at

This commitment to English and Valencian language learning began with IRIS UMH and LLUMH in 2015 and 2017, respectively. Since then, close to 13,000 university community members have taken part in these programs, with UMH students comprising the largest group that has taken part so far: they make up some 85% of the people who take advantage of these programs frequently. These programs are open to undergraduate and graduate students alike, in addition to faculty, research personnel, plus administrative and services personnel. UMH alumni and employees of firms at the Scientific Park of this university are also eligible.  

Thus, members of these groups may learn English and Valencian in a simple manner and at their own pace. Since their creation, IRIS UMH and LLUMH have increased the number of exercises available on their respective online platforms of BeEnglish Lab and Llengua Lab. The training levels have also expanded: currently, IRIS UMH offers training for the levels of A2 to C1, while LLUMH is available from B1 to C2. Individuals who sign up receive online classes that are led by Language Center instructors. The weekly sessions begin September 26.  

These training options make practicing different language skills possible. Students of IRIS UMH may also sit at the Language Center for official English language examination calls offered by either Cambridge or ACLES (Association of Language Centres in Higher Education) to certify their levels of expertise. Likewise, LLUMH program students who want to certify their levels of Valencian may do so at the university as it is an Official Examination Center for the Interuniversity Commission for the Standardization of Accreditations of Knowledge of Valencian (CIEACOVA).

Further information about these programs, as well as instructions for signing up for them, is available at