The UMH budget for 2015 to be 90,820,442 euros

 The Plenary of the Board of Trustees of the Miguel Hernández University of Elche (UMH) has approved in an ordinary session the academic institution’s budget for 2015, which increases to 90,820,442 euros. This represents an overall increase of 4.15% with respect to the previous year. 


Following a long negotiation process with the Generalitat Valenciana over the recognition and payment of outstanding debt, it is expected that before the end of this year an agreement will be reached that, among other aspects, will imply the recognition of income for 2015 of 6,346,630 euros. This amount will permit financing the increase in the annual budget and constitutes a positive budgetary scenario for upcoming years.

Investments planned in the 2015 budget rise to 8,435,690 euros, 2.42% more with respect to 2014. The main uses are related to the infrastructure and equipment necessary for upgrading and expanding campus facilities. Highlighted, among others, are the ring road, urbanization, and landscaping; new service and departmental buildings; athletic facilities, as well as the rehabilitation and remodeling of existing structures and installations on the various campuses.

What’s more, the 2015 budget includes a set of special actions in different areas that amounts to a total of 1,947,060 euros. The breakdown is as follows:

  1. 1.    The Vice Rectorate for Student Affairs and Athletics has a special allocation of 950,000 euros earmarked for a program of student grants for their enrollment in addition to the collaboration of our students in university activities that favor their labor market insertion. This Vice Rectorate’s budget is 1,332,569 euros.
  1. 2.    The Vice Rectorate for Research and Innovation has budgetary allocations close to 658,560 euros in different lines to promote and support research such as introduction to research, support for technological transfer, support for scientific dissemination, support for training research personnel, and the Plan to Promote Innovation and Research. The total budget for this Vice Rectorate is 3,577,129.15 euros.
  1. 3.    The Vice Rectorate for International Relations is going to implement a set of actions focused on promoting internationalization and exchange programs for university students, faculty, and staff, with an allocation of 142,500 euros. Its total budget increases to more than 790,000 euros.
  1. 4.    The Vice Rectorate for Economics and Business plans to implement two programs funded by 130,000 euros in all that are destined to training entrepreneurship and business creation as well as promoting an entrepreneurial culture.
  1. 5.    Also participating in these special actions are the vice rectorates for Academic Affairs and Institutional Relations, and the Administration, which have their own projects endowed with 66,000 euros in all. The Vice Rectorate for Academic Affairs is to manage a total budget of 381,000 euros, that of Institutional Relations is 111,765 euros, and the budget for Culture and University Extension is 190,650 euros.

Moreover, this budget incorporates special allocations for the Program of Excellence and Competitiveness as well as for the adaptation to the budget template. In addition, maintaining the Plan for Streamlining and Savings permits savings in university operating costs of some 1.21%.

Ultimately, the UMH advocates budgetary policies that put a premium on the efficient use of resources, that maintain quality standards in teaching, research, and services, and that continue furthering investment in university infrastructure.

This budget regains moderate growth in its numbers, contains ambitious objectives and projects, and it fulfills commitments the Miguel Hernández University of Elche has with society.